Questions you should ask yourself before buying Life Insurance

    1. Do I have life insurance now? If yes, is it enough? If no, how much do I need?
    2. Rule of thumb, if you are between 20 and 40 yrs of age you should purchase at least 8 times your annual salary
    3. What are you looking to accomplish? You don’t have any Life Ins, you have some Life ins but needs more or are you trying to leave a legacy?
    4. What type of Life ins are you looking for? If you are between the ages of 20 - 50 you should look at Term, Whole Life or both. If you are 50 to 80 you should be looking at Whole Life or Final Expense.
    5. What would happen to my family if I didn’t have Life Ins when I die? Would they be able to stay in the house we are in now? How would they pay for my burial or cremation?
    6. I feel like I can’t afford Life Ins, the reality is you can’t afford NOT to have it.
    7. Ten yrs after I pass away, what does it look like for my family? Were they able to stay in the house, were my children able to go to college? Or did my family lose the house because they couldn't afford it and my children couldn’t go to college because I didn’t protect my family with an adequate Life Insurance Policy.
    8. Because we represent over 80 different Life Ins carriers, no matter what your health is, we are very confident we can get you coverage.

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